Mobile Colloquy 1.0 – First Thoughts

Mobile Colloquy icon largeI was given a Pre-Release review copy of upcoming Mobile Colloquy 1.0 that has been submitted to the app store. Once it gets approved it will go live with a launch price of $1.99.

In my testing I have found that it gives me features id expect in a desktop IRC client and some extra goodies that are cool. Unlike their previous method to get Colloquy on iPhone via web server / Web app this is a native app that works wonderfully. I got it loaded down with all 67 channels ( 48 on Wyldryde, 18 on iPocalypse, and 1 on FreeNode) and I havent noticed any issues yet.

Over all this is a pretty solid feature complete IRC client for iPhone OS 2.1 or newer. The interface is simple to use and is easy on the eye. It features : Visual styles just like the desktop version, mIRC colors/formatting support, graphical emoticons provided  you are running iPhone OS 2.2,multi network support,auto ident to nickserv, easy to understand error messages,auto joins,secure SSL connections, room & text encoding, and much more. Based on what it provides id say its fully worth it 🙂 .

You can check it out @

Check out the screenshots below to see what you will get when it goes live:


Mobile Colloquy - Springboard Icon Mobile Colloquy - Connections Mobile Colloquy - Connect
Springboard Icon Connections Connect
Mobile Colloquy - Disconnect Mobile Colloquy - Connection Edit 1 Mobile Colloquy - Connection Edit  2
Disconnect Connection Edit
Mobile Colloquy - Connection Edit Advanced 1 Mobile Colloquy - Connection Edit Advanced 2 Mobile Colloquy - Connection Edit Autojoin
Connection Edit Advanced Connection Edit Autojoin
Mobile Colloquy - Colloquies Mobile Colloquy - Join Channel / Message a User Mobile Colloquy - Join Chat Room
Colloquies Join Channel / Message a User Join Chat Room
Mobile Colloquy - Message User Mobile Colloquy - Message a User Mobile Colloquy - Channel
Message User Message a User Room
Mobile Colloquy - Members Mobile Colloquy - User Info 1 Mobile Colloquy - User Info 2
Members User Info
Mobile Colloquy - Channel with Keyboard
Room with Keyboard


Mobile Colloquy - Settings Icon Mobile Colloquy - Settings 1 Mobile Colloquy - Settings 2
Settings Icon Settings
Mobile Colloquy - Settings Transcript Style Mobile Colloquy - Settings Action on Invite Mobile Colloquy - Settings Advanced Interface

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