Mac OS 8.2D8 Beta Themes

In the development of Mac OS 8.2 (Later known as verson 8.5) they added multiple theme support and the developer builds shipped with 3 extra themes… These are the themes that shipped with Mac OS 8.2d8 Beta. Despite how unstable the theme suppport in that build the themes are well done with sounds schemes and all.

I made the screenshots on Mac OS 9.1 on my Performa 6360 but they should work on any Mac with Mac OS 8.5 or newer.

Check out the themes here:

Gizmo in the Zone Gizmo on Curves Gizmo Sounds Gizmo About
In the Zone On Curves Sounds About
Hi-Tech in Perspective Hi-Tech Neon Hi-Tech Sounds Hi-Tech About
In Perspective Neon Sounds About
Drawing Board
Drawing Board on a Grid Drawing Board on Parchment Drawing Board Sounds Drawing Board About
On a Grid Oon Parchment Sounds About

You can download the themes here…