Current thoughts on vista

After seeing the comment thread for located at—vista-ad-compaign I wrote the comment below:

I have used vista ever since the CTP. I had the RTM build before it hit stores/oems and i have been giving it a fair chance ever

since. Sure UAC has gotten better with SP1 (which i had the day it went RTM) but does it really help with security?? The users are

gonna blindly click yes and still get infections… all it does is make it look like they are trying and that the fact users get

infected is their own fault.

As it stands I keep restore images for XP SP3 and Vista SP1 on a 2nd internal drive and jump between os’s every so often. Don’t

try to pull the old hardware BS on me… I’ve seen pretty well identical machines being sold with vista on them (only they didn’t

have the Nvidia Geforce 6200 card or 2gb ram i added). In theory according to Microsoft i got a “Windows Vista Premium Ready PC”

it met all the check marks and overall runs vista ok overall but they did lie to consumers about it being a new os.

The so called new os died with the true codename “longhorn” I’ve used one of those builds and it would have been nice if they had

brought thatΒ  to market instead of the server 2003 based os.

I probably will try Vista again once i have my Mac Pro… If it can’t run vista nothing can.

The only bsod’s I’ve had were due to a old webcam (i tried it for the fun of it πŸ™‚ ) and once my viaide.sys went bad and had to

use repair. Now the funny part is my old Intel Pocket PC Camera(CS630) works like a charm on vista. I’ve never had any issues with

my Sound Blaster Audigy2 value or my Geforce 6200.

Basicly… If you buy new machine give vista a chance unless you need xp. I’ll probably stick to xp on my machines since I like

the Luna Elements Black theme and its not ported to the vista msstyle engine yet πŸ™‚ and the fact that unless you need vista

features xp is better for VM use since it has lower system requirements.

I better stop typing before this becomes too long πŸ™‚