Site / Widget Pack Updates

Sorry for the slowless in updatingthe blog…. been busy lately.

In the last while the following has happened:

  • Widget Pack for Mac 1.1 has been released
  • Changed branding style to reflect software version instead of pack version
  • Added many streams to the Widget Pack
  • Updated videos page on site
  • Restored ADs to site
  • Added Featured Widgets page to site

I’ve decided to go away from pushing the Widget Pack version like i use to use in favor of the respective software version for each platform. This change will allow me to not have to update each installer with every pack update. I’ve also restored the featured streams list as a new page so you can now tell who is in the pack you can check it out @

The Mac version has been updated version 1.1 it uses the new LLVM GCC compiler and adds auto updater,  Favorites system, installer.Overall quite afew bugs have been fixed, new features added and other various things… due to a regression bug there is no info view it will be replaced with a new style info view in a later release. Download the new Widget Pack for Mac today 🙂 @

As much as I hate ads i had to restore them to my site due to the fact that hosting is not free… don’t get me started on my rant on ad blockers.

My videos page is currently in flux and may change in the next while as i fine tune the new setup… please forgive the virtual dust 🙂 .  Check out the updated videos page @