Linksys WRT54GL

I have used may routers over the years and my Linksys WRT54GL is the best one I’ve used yet. I started out with older Linksys models and various Netgear and D-Link models. My move back to Linksys started when i found my my D-Link WBR-1310 wouldn’t allow broadcom based wifi cards to connect… me and everyone else initially thought it was wpa key issues but it turns out it was hardware/firmware issue. I moved to a Linksys WRT54C (Compact travel router) and more recently i bought my Linksys WRT54GL…. One of the great features of the old WRT54G series was the ability to use custom firmware. Sadly Linksys went to VxWorks firmware to allow them to cut down on hardware… due to popular demand they released the WRT54GL a re-release of the linux based model.

I choose to use the Tomato firmware from due to it being a simple to use and more stable firmware. The important part is to use the stock firmware for at least a week to make sure the hardware works during the initial warranty. The site provides help on how to install it so its simple to setup. The benefits of it are great… you can tweak many hidden settings, monitor your bandwidth use, assigned dhcp (fixed ip via DHCP), and many more tweaks.

Despite it being older model you can still buy it online at a few sites… here is where to buy it within a few country’s.

USA | Canada |  United Kingdom |  Germany |  France

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