Internet Explorer 8 for Mac

Check this out… found this on the web 🙂

Edit: I made this as a prank for people on irc… I didn’t think people would think it’s real nor that they would be constantly viewing it even today.

Internet Explorer 8 for Mac


  1. Why would you ?

  2. Because of the proprietary code for IE, Mac browers, as well as 3rd party browers for winsows look like crap. They do not render a lot of pages correctly. Flash animation is subpar as well. Hey I'm not a big IE fan but when I use my mac to view certain pages they look awful compaired to IE on a PC. Same as 3rd party such as opera, chrome, mozilla and the like for PC. It's too bad Microsoft had to do that. But what's done is done and the fact is IE looks better rendering [many] pages then Safari or any other 3rd party brower. Quality does take time though, as IE is slower then most (if not all) browers. But if you are a true Mac user. Mac's were always a ilittle slower, but you paid for the quality. Why should Microsoft be treated any differant? They make a poduct that's more accepted for superior resultrs, plain and simple. You just have to give it time to render things. Slower vs quality and accuracy, your choice….

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