How To: Speedy Vista

One thing about Vista that made me keep going back to xp was the fact it ate lots of cpu/memory… It’s amazing what bloat can be called a feature. I did this as a challenge to make Vista Buisness run good on my older computer. One requirement was that i had to get a decent FPS in source based games.

Note: This requires a full Vista dvd…. if your pc only has a restore dvd it may work since some OEMs use customized vista dvds.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage incurred by the following of this guide.

A. Get the tools:

B. Tweak Vista

  1. Insert your Vista DVD into your DVD drive
  2. Install and run vLite 1.1 beta
  3. Click the Install button in the WIM Filter section of the Dependencies dialog
    #1 WIM Filter.JPG
  4. On the vLite screen click the Browse button
    #2 vLite.JPG
  5. Browse to your dvd drive that contains Windows Vista and press OK
    #3-0 vlite browse.JPG #3-1vLite Vista dvd.JPG
  6. Browse to the folder you would like to store your project and press OK
    #4-1 vLite Copy destination.JPG
  7. vLite will now copy the WIM from the Vista DVD and extract the required files
    #5 vlite copy start.JPG
  8. Choose your edition of Vista that you are licenced for and press OK
    #6 vLite Choose edition.JPG
  9. Click Next button
    #7 vLite Start.JPG
  10. Select Components, Tweaks, Bootable ISO, and Enable before apply on the Tasks tab and click Next button
    #8 vLite Tasks.JPG
  11. Click OK button on the Compatability dialog
    #9-0 vLite Components compatability.JPG
  12. Expand theMultimedia section and select Windows Aero Theme
    #9-1 vLite components multimedia.JPG
  13. Expand the Network section and select MSN Installer
    #9-2 vLite components network.JPG
  14. Expand the Services Section and select Error Reporting, Universal Plug and Play (UPNP)
    #9-3 vLite components services.JPG
  15. Expand the System section and select ReadyBoost, SuperFetch, System Restore, and Windows SAT and click the Next button
    #9-4 vLite components System.JPG
  16. Under Security on the Tweaks tab set UAC (User Account Control) to disabled and click the Apply button
    #10 vLite Tweaks security.JPG
  17. Select Apply and rebuld and click the OK button
    #11 vLite Apply.JPG
  18. vLite will now process all the changes… Take a break from the computer this will take a while
    #12 vLite Processing.JPG
  19. Click on the ISO tab on the left and click the Make ISO button
    #13-0 vLite iso.JPG
  20. Browse to where you want to save the iso and pick a name then press the Save button
    #13-1 vLite ISO save.JPG
  21. Wait while vLite saves the ISO to the location you choose…. another computer break since its abit slow too
    #13-2 vLite iso progress.JPG
  22. Once the iso creation is done click the Exit button to leave vLite
    #14 vLite close.JPG

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