MacBook Update

As you may have figured already, I’ve received my MacBook and have been using it (in fact, I’m using it to write this very blog post). The transition from using XP to OS X has been easy (after all, I used OS X 10.2.8/10.3x in school). Overall, I’ve replaced my core set of PC apps that I must use. but for the rest I use Parallels Desktop for Mac. The new-style, flat keyboard is nice to type on, but what’s slightly annoying is the fact it’s still a single hardware mouse button (yes, i know about two-finger clicking). I haven’t had much chance to use the built-in camera for much more than playing with camtwist (Webcam Max like app, only better). The magsafe power connector is cool and easy to unplug/plug. I do miss the legacy ports my Dell Latitude C610 had… it’s odd only having Power, FireWire, USB x2, MiniDVI, and analog/digital input/output, as expansion ports. I can’t even use my cardbus USB 2.0 card.

Well, thats enough of my Mac ramblings for now.