August 2007

iMovie HD – kibmcz The good old iMovie … this is the iMovie that we are all used to.

This is the new iMovie that comes with iLife 08… it’s meant to be easy to use but it lacks many of the features that are expected to be in […]

XP Installer Fun – kibmcz Early screenshot of my customized XP install disc… yes its running at 1024×768 🙂 A blog post explaining it all will be posted 🙂

Who doesn’t remember playing with lego blocks as a kid… I remember having a big pail of them my self. I kinda wish i didn’t sell that pail of lego […]

As you may have figured already, I’ve received my MacBook and have been using it (in fact, I’m using it to write this very blog post). The transition from using […]