Wubi: Linux Made Simple

For those who want to play with Linux but the thought of partitioning the hard drive scares you or you don’t have a CD burner, there now is a chance for you to try Ubuntu Linux. Wubi lets you do a full Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Studio without even burning or downloading a CD ISO.

Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you.

I tried it and it worked as claimed, though I found its bootup a bit slow since it has to run from virtual drives. This is a great solution for new Linux users to try Linux with no commitment… if you don’t like it, all you’ve got to do is boot into Windows and uninstall it.

Check out Wubi here.

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