LCD Displays: Wide vs. Normal

Most users have mixed opinions over which is better: wide screen (16:9/16:10) or normal (4:3). It all depends on what you need in a TV/monitor. Overall, most find not many major differences between normal and wide screen other than the slight size difference. wide-vs-normal1This screen capture from the display settings control panel shows the difference between normal and wide screen quite well. The decision to go wide screen or normal is all based on what you do. If you do lots of text based and spreadsheet work, a wide screen monitor will work well for you, but if you are more into legacy games, you will notice most of them don’t support the wide screen resolutions and are all out of proportion.

There are sites that provide unofficial patches for many of those games, but if you have lots of them, you are better off getting a normal 4:3 LCD monitor. A wide screen monitor is good for playing back DVDs and many legal podcasts (Netcasts) that you can download. Media is a strong reason for getting wide screen monitor. I currently use a 19″ wide screen monitor and a 19″ normal HD TV. I don’t notice much difference in my current usage set. What do you prefer? Wide screen or normal?