Winamp:mac ~ The release that never came to be

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Back in 2001 Justin Frankel started working on a release of Winamp:mac as of this writing there is only own known release of it. From what I could tell 0.71 alpha was the only released build of it and it is unknown if newer builds existed inside aol. All that is really known about this release is contained within a readme file included with the build.

About Development
About the development and the supported features.

The alpha had bare basic function and lacked much of the advanced features that made the windows version what it was. Core playback was there with the signature interface, basic mpeg audio support, and network streaming along with some mac centric additions. The todo section lists many things that needed adding such as id3 tag support, prefrences, themes/plugins and more.

Planned features that were never added.

While what’s there works amazingly well even over a decade after its release it does make me wonder why the project wasn’t further pursued. Was it pressure from aol to kill the project? We will never know what happened. There is a mac variant of Winamp now days but that is not related to Justin’s work from 2001 since the current mac development seems to have started years after them shutting down Nullsoft.

If you know where to look online or know someone with a copy you can try this piece of history out yourself. Of course that is provided you own an old school PPC mac running Mac OS  8.5 or better.

Check out the full readme:

Review: Meenova Mini MicroSD Card Reader for Android

Ever since phone and tablet makers have started including powered USB OTG (Ability to plug in full size USB devices into a phone or tablet). The main use so far has been plugging in flash drives, card readers, keyboards, mice, and game controllers. The issue with this setup for flash drives/card readers was that it was rather bulky.

Bulk Flash Drive
The Meenova project was released on the crowd funding site KickStarter with the goals of selling a compact OTG centric micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader back in early 2013.  One key part of the  product was the inclusion of the adapter to use it on your desktop or laptop computer and the ability to carry it on your keyring. Provided you use a fast enough MicroSD/HC/XC card (eg. clas 10) you will get some pretty fast transfer speeds.

Of course having a Android phone is not enough for this to work your phone needs to be on the supported device list. The common supported devices are most Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nexus (except Nexus 4), and many other devices. Also on some devices you may need to use 3rd party software such as Nexus Media Importer, StickMount or  OTG Disk Explorer (Last two requiring your device being rooted).

Over all I’d say Meenova is well worth it if you heavily use your phone or tablet and got limited storage due to no expansion card support or want to have additional storage. It is a real bonus for owners of rooted devices since you can backup/restore your device in addition to install roms from it.
If you are interested check it out at their site

Unboxing / Review: ONTOP Nugget D5

I got a chance get the ONTOP Nugget D5 in thinking it may be a good budget phone based on the demo unit and overall specs…


Of course we know how everything isn’t what it is expected to be and this is no different.
The classic line “You get what you pay for” truly applies as there is many shortcomings to
this device.

In the box you got your typical setup of plastic wrapped sleeve covered box with phone in
sleeve and power supply, USB cable and battery below it so not much more to say here.

Over all it was a ok device and would serve well for a kids first smart phone or a light
users phone but for a power user there is major issues. The main issue is that it uses the
classic android 2.x and older storage configuration with 500mb of app/data storage, 2gb
internal sd and a sd slot that is capable of 32gb.

The storage layout configuration is huge issue since most apps are huge now days for example I ran out of space just installing Google apps to fill the gap left by the lack of them in the system ROM. The camera even tho being 5mp does leave a lot to be desired as it handles light rather badly and the flash makes images rather washed out.

Software wise I also experienced some rather odd software issues with a odd out of memory overlay appearing and apps crashing, some random reboots, and chrome being unusable. Also there is NO Google play support out of the box you got to install a manually triggered ota to install a 5mb update that adds it which isn’t obvious.

While those those issues are pretty major as I said before it is a ok phone for a kid or a
light user but beware there may be other issues that didn’t pop up for me.


Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition & Shadow Warrior on Steam

In looking back at my Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition & Shadow Warrior may be coming to steam post I made last year it seems that they have been published  (abit late of a post I know).



The two  ValveTestApp ids now resolve to Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. The bundle which contains them also went live with a slightly different id number. Whats interesting is that Devolver Digital is the publisher… anyway they are published and thats all that really matters lol.

You can purchase them @ Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux and as bundle to save.

First Impressions: Flyne. The Offline Reader

The first thing you see when you run the app.
The first thing you see when you run the app.

Fresh from the mind of the creator of Falcon Pro is the newly released Flyne a offline news reader for android.  This application takes on the wide assortment of news readers available for android but with one interesting twist once refreshed you data connection isn’t required to read the content. Meanwhile this is most likely this is not the first application of its type but it definitely stands out as the as one of the more elegant ones.

Adding content is quite simple out of the box since they provide a curated list of news sources in their Popular Feeds list in addition to the support of Twitter and Feedly. Now the support of Twitter and Feedly will set you back $1.03 CAD or $0.99 USD for a Premium upgrade In-App Purchase which may upset some.

The Reading of feeds once you add some sources (possibly upgrade to premium) is quite simple and gesture based in addition to the classic android hamburger menu on left. Swiping in from left or clicking on the  3 lines (hamburger) button brings up the feed  list and swiping in from the right brings up the article list. Swiping left or right in the content  area goes to next article or back to previous article.

The application has rather basic but decent Settings under the menu icon on the right as well. When it syncs or how much to sync is under the Sync  and Cache settings and you enable night mode or resize the text under Display settings. I’m sure as the app develops over time more settings will be added but thats not a bad start for a new application.

Overall this is a great start for a new app release but there is one thing that i’d say it needs. The Feedly support seems to be import only not sync and that could be a show stopper for many users but since this is a beta there is a chance it may be added.

If you are looking for a new news reader for your android device check out Flyne.

Check it out at